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    Question for clients who use/want end-user tech support

    Hi all,

    Just a few questions for those who use reseller hosting and want, or already use, end-user technical support - or any hosts with experience in their user's wants and needs

    1. Does it worry you if it is through an anonymous support domain?

    2. Do you like to be able to reply to/view your client's technical support issues, or just for your host to handle them?

    Thanks for the answers/insights
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    1) Well, I think most of the time, there is some sort of API or integration feature with Reseller hosts with EndUser support that range from simple to complex. But it doesn't worry me regardless, because I've been almost a decade ago on a generic end user support domain and just assumed the company owned it.

    2) All Reseller hosts that I've asked about their End User support, I was able to answer the tickets as well. So me and my upstream host could both handle the tickets as I saw fit.

    Hope this helps

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