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    PHP, MySQL programer needed to make Photo Album

    Hey, I need someone who knows PHP and MySQL to create a simple Photo Album script for me. I have created an HTML document that you can look at in order to see what I want. My contact information is listed there as well as I believe most of the details you will need to give me an accurate quote. Itís nothing complicated, I just havenít seen anything I really liked available and figured it would be quicker to have it made then sort through a thousand scripts. Well thatís it, please contact me by email, not pm. The link to my example and contact info is here

    Thank you,

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    Hi Jeremy,

    I sent you an e-mail

    Marian Software on the Web

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    Dear tvkill,
    I sent you a private message, read it and looking forward from a contact from you... Good Luck in your Biz..

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    Sorry I didn't notice that you don't appreciate Private Messages but I tried to send you a mail but it said
    "Sorry! That user has specified that they do not wish to receive emails through this board. " again sorry for this....

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