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Thread: Hostican Down?

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    Hostican Down?

    Is Hostican down?

    All of my sites are offline and I can't even ping!!

    This is terrible!! Anyone else seeing the same thing?

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    Not getting anything from their website. Have you tried calling a number that may have associated with their company? This was the number I got from a WHOIS: 1-800-725-9170, try that and see if you can reach someone.

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    Thanks for the response.

    I tried that number already. First of all, the recording doesn't even say HostIcan anymore. Its a different company. Secondly, the recording says press one for technical issues. I did that and it says some bull crap about high call volume due to a new promotion they are running.

    I can't believe this is happening! Like a jerk, I haven't run backups on my sites in a LONG time. If I have to move to a different host, I might as well start from scratch. This is going to cost me thousands of dollars PLUS countless hours of work.

    Do hosting companies ever disappear like this? Usually they have some redundancy right? What about all of the 99.9% uptime talk?

    Wish me luck!!
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    Yikes, sorry to hear about that. I see a lot of people forgetting to run backups on these forums and its always a cause for heartache. I hope you get in touch with them and get this all situated. Keep us posted and good luck!

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    Same issue for me too, from about an hour ago (no sites, no ping from my sites or theirs). One big site gone and a few little ones. Luckily I have daily Cpanel backups. I have had a huge problem with Hostican in early March this year where the entire VPS went belly up (and I was new to them and hadn't setup backups). I managed to rescue quite a bit of content from Google Cache, but lost a membership dbase. Since then I've had backup as a high priority.

    We'll wait and see wait happens .... but maybe they're gone for good? I won't be holding my breath - support for the last issue was nonsensically arrogant (you wonder why I stayed? Me too ...)

    My heart goes out to you WebHostingTKB!

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    I just searched my hard drive for the last full backup I did.

    I found one from March 3rd which is not that bad. I lost quit a bit of information from my main site and any small sites that I added after that time are now gone.

    Have any of you heard about hosting companies just shutting down its servers and never to be seen again?

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    There is no way HostICan is shutting down. They are having technical problems obviously, but their company is solid from what I understamd.

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    My site hosted by hostican is down also.

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    My sites are also down. I have been quite happy with their services but over an hour downtime is getting to be ridiculous. All I can say is that they better be backing up their 99.9% uptime guarantee and handing out a free month to those who request it.

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    i have a VPS with all 6 sites down at the moment

    havent had any problems with them before, and was actually pretty satisfied with their service until tonight

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    Same here, VPS, all sites down.

    Their own site is down so I would suspect it could be a connectivity issue.

    I've been quite satisfied with the service, this is the first downtime that wasn't my own doing...

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    @techie4hire - when they were unable to restore my data and I had to rebuild the VPS from scratch due to complete meltdown and offline for one week (I had emergency provision at another host thank goodness), the service was lousy, not happy with the way they handled it, but I did get a month credit.

    @tomms & teezone - likewise re general uptime; site speed etc. However, before finding webhostingtalk I did a quick google on hostican and although they were highly recommended late last year when I joined, there's a lot of bad publicity out there now.

    @HostingDeals - when you say "There is no way HostICan is shutting down." ... can you please substantiate this? I have no idea what you mean. Are you an employee? What information do you have?

    Still crossing fingers built about 45 mins away from moving over to a dedicated server I have access to ... unless I hear differently from Hostican. Not gonna have the same pain as before.

    "having technical problems" to me does not describe their own site being down. Seems more serious than that.

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    I heard about the VPS problem a couple months back, was unaffected personally (I've only ever caused a crash myself, lol).

    Had moved over a number of my sites to hostican after terrible experience with LP - I think there's bad stories about every host out there, usually when growth happens too quickly.

    Yes, I think this is more than just a server problem, my guess is communication issues. Anyone know of power outages in their area..? LP once had few hours downtime due to major power failure in area that also impacted backup supply (not sure how/why).

    I'm not happy about this at all, but at least it's Sat evening, low traffic time (for me, sorry if not same for others). Too much work to start moving files yet... keeping fingers crossed..

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    OOh emails coming back in ... looks like we're back up and running ...

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    strange that all the servers are down? An upgrade - unnacounced... a power outage? Who knows what, but from another forum, they've been down for over two hours so I hope they get an email out soon. I was a hostican customer, I cancelled early without a refund.

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    11:42pm EST time, my sites are back

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    I'm another happy customer of Hostican. They have save me from nightmare when my site gain traffic. After having terrible experience with 4 other hosting company, Hostican came to rescue. Their support quite helpful.

    My 1 year with Hostican seems to be very reliable. However since they've upgraded their memory about 1 or 2 month's ago there seems to be some problem, especially on Memory related. I've checked all my settings but the CPU usage seems to be extraordinary usage, while my traffic remain same. I've clarify with them but they've asked me to upgrade my memory which I haven't do so because the cost is quite high. I'm still puzzle is it my memory or is it something on their part. Anyone experiencing same?

    Anyway, since 1 hours all my sites down as well. And like some other, I've very bad habit on backup.

    But, I believe this is temporary server down problem with Hostican. I still prefer HostIcan for VPS hosting that I've with them, because they've safe my day from others before.

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    My VPS just came back up!! Hooray...

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    Wow my sites are back. Cheers!!!

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    Yep mine are all backup now and hostican site is back up ...

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    Moved to Network Outages.

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    Just looking at that myself dave-dave ... I would say you are right. It's difficult to go check things like that when their own site is down ... plus that is not a notification sent to me as a VPS customer - I'd like to see that change and will make that request of Denis.

    I've now subscribed to that announcement forum, though it's a daily announcement, wouldn't help urgent situations.

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    That looks about right... thanks for posting..

    At least they picked a lower-traffic time. I can't fault a host for improvements/upgrades, and have had good experience with hostican. This doesn't change my view.

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    It always seems like this sort of event "scares" people into creating backups religiously. With the length of this outage I would have assumed most companies would attempt to reach their clients to alleviate the sale/bankruptcy scares.

    Also, I don't believe this was addressed before, so I will. Yes, hosts go "belly-up" every so often, it is a distinct possibility in most cases. Luckily this isn't the case, which is great.


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    I told you guys you had nothing to worry about.

    I didn't even stress out once during this. Outages happen. If you don't want to see your site offline, get an expensive redundancy setup with two or more servers in different locations.

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    As the thread starter, I'm glad to see that Hostican is still in business and SO AM I.

    All of my sites are up. What I plan to do now is run my backups!

    Thanks for all the input guys. It was greatly appreciated.

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    yeah it was panic at the disco there for a minute, the sky was falling for me as well for a second

    good times, lets not do this again soon

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