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    * New to Reselling. Experts Please Advise.

    Dear Forum Members,

    I am new to WHT and reselling. I would like to provide industry standard, proven and cost effective solutions to my customers and like to have ‘complete’ anonymity to establish my brand identity. I request your expert advice and suggestions to find the ‘right’ resellers who could provide all or any of the following requirements at the best reseller rates.

    I would like to have the following in my plans:

    1. Choice of both Windows and Unix (or Linux) platforms.
    2. Server should be hosted in one of the top data centers in the US.
    3. Technologically superior network, hardware and software configurations.
    4. Flexibility to scale-up as my business grows.
    5. Easy to use and powerful end user and admin control panels. Multi-level reselling and brandable control panel is a plus. Extensive online help manual is a must.
    6. Integrated billing manager and usage monitor.
    7. MySQL, SQL Server, Access database support. Oracle is a plus.
    8. Leading shopping cart solution (StorefrontNow, SoftCart). I would prefer to outsource, but would not like to pay any upfront fees.
    9. SSL Certificates (VeriSign, Entrust).
    10. Payment gateway (VeriSign, CyberCash)
    11. Merchant Account to accept all major credit and debit cards (Discount Rate < 2.5%, low monthly fee, low per transaction fee. No setup fees. No application fees. No other fees.) Electronic check processing.
    12. Java, JSP, ASP, PHP, Cold Fusion, FrontPage support.
    13. Domain name registrations and free transfer.
    14. Excellent toll free and online technical support 24x7x365.
    15. And much more.

    I would like to deal only with the service provider or their Master Resellers (First level). Any help or suggestion in this regard will be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in Advance.

    [email protected]

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    I'll answer the technical possible questions for you

    1. Choice of both Windows and Unix (or Linux) platforms.
    > I'd recommend Unix/Linux; its a lot more stable than Windows.

    4. Flexibility to scale-up as my business grows.
    > Look for a provider that will give you the option to move to a dedicated server.

    9. SSL Certificates (VeriSign, Entrust).
    > For complete anonymity, your own SSL would probably be the best choice.

    10. Payment gateway (VeriSign, CyberCash)
    > If you're just starting out with reselling, why not go with a quicker solution such as ?

    12. Java, JSP, ASP, PHP, Cold Fusion, FrontPage support.
    > A side note; with most providers, you can't have true ASP unix-based scripting both together.

    13. Domain name registrations and free transfer.
    > Again, your best choice is if you handle this with your registrar.

    Hope this helps
    Marc Wyss - [email protected]
    MCHost Inc - Experts in Private Label Reseller Plans

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    Thanks for your input. I think I dod not make my requirements very clear. These are the features that I want to include in my hosting plans to provide to my customers and not for me. So I need to have some kind of deal with some First Level resellers to get these features at a discount and pass it to my customers. I hope this makes it more clear. Thanks once again.

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    Hi ARULKS,
    If you really need all of the features you mentioned, then you might be better off with a dedicated server as reseller plans will limit your growth slightly and I don't know f any reseller packages that offer all that you want.
    Morgan Harvey - newly updated enterprise-level help desk system that won't break the bank!

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    From what I've seen, donHost offer both Win/Unix plans. I've heard some bad things about them here though (and great things on alt.www.webmaster -- go figure) They're based in the UK though and the prices might appear a little steep.

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