VPS Special - VPS 2.0
1 CPU Core Guaranteed! (2GHz+)
120GB Storage
2TB Monthly Transfer
2GB Guaranteed RAM (Burst to 4GB)
100Mbit Port
5 IPs
60 per month (10 reduction!)

Free with this offer:
* cPanel and Full Management (7.50/mo value)
* Fantastico upon request (1.50/mo value)
* WHMCS License upon request (6/mo value)

Management includes:
* True 24x7 helpdesk support and unlimited tickets
* UK and USA telephone support for urgent queries
* 24x7 fast monitoring + response (upon request)
* Secured setup
* Preinstallation of popular software such as FFMPEG, GD, etc.

All VPSs are deployed within 24 hours.