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    SQL Server Enterprise manager ??


    I want to download a trial version of MS Sql enterprise manager.
    Itried looking for the same on microfost website, but couldn't locate??

    Could someone help me with a link...from where I can download the same??

    the processor on my local system is AMD K6 II, do i have to download the one for intel platform or something else ??

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    Homepage of sqlserver is

    You can download a trial copy of MSSQL at :


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    wmac : thanks for the url...

    Minor problem for me, I guess to have that fully functional on my system, my system should be running on win2000, but unfortunately, I have win 98..

    Do I have any alternatives to Enterprise Manager, which works on win98 and i can run queries on my server ??

    Thanks for any help

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    No, You need Win2000 Server or advanced server if you are going to install server components.

    If you just want to use enterprise manager then you don't need to install it in server mode.

    Just install client and management components.


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    Forgot to say that you can not install server components on even windows 2000 Professional or Windows XP.

    You should have a server windows such as WinNT, Win2k Server or Win2k Advanced server.

    You can use MSSQL server 7.0 in local mode on a win98.


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    wmac : thanks a lot for the info..
    So, I'll install only the client components on my win 98 machine.

    I just want the SQL enterprise manager.

    Thanks much again..I am downloading that now.If i run into problems, i'll get back here agin for your help.

    Okay, generaly how does it work...I mean does the windows hosting providing companies have enterprise manager already installed on their server or is it always managed from the client PC ??

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    Yes they have entrprise manager on their server for their own use but you will need it on your own PC if you are going to manage your own databases.

    No problem. Don't hesitate to ask your problems.


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    This is really good thread and information given by mac. I am also downloading it now. If any problem I will come back to mac. Thank you

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    You have a couple of choices during SQL install, select "Client Tools" and this will only install EM.
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    RackMy : thanks for tip again

    archie2 : I am trying to download the whole thing for the past 3 hrs or so, but only 20% done, if you can do it much faster in a short span ( incase, you have much faster connection )...could you pls send that .exe file to me via yahoo messenger/msn/aim ??

    PM me if you can help me out.


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    If any problem I will come back to mac

    Will be happy to help

    Brands, You should download all of them, it will not be enough to have just exe file. It will not run in anyway.


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    wmac : I guess there is only one file to download, the english version which is 324 MB I guess...!

    Which other files do i have to download..??

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    I got MSSQL enterprise manager installed.

    I am not sure how to run a query on my db server...i have done it on mysql using phpmyadmin...some help me here pls.

    I have all the details like db host, login and pw...i just wanted to know how to run a query ??

    Thanks for any help

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    Hiii again,

    I figured out how to run a query and executed it successfully.

    I have another problem, hope someone can help me out here.

    I am supposed to create a New User for the database i have created. the instructions to do the same are something like this :

    1. Within the SQL Server Enterprise Manager, expand the tree down to Security.
    2. Right click on Logins and select New Login.

    But within the Enterprise manager, when i try to expand the tree, i don't see anything called security, and hence, i cannot proceed any further...?? Am i missing something...??

    Thanks for your help

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    You have a shared sql server with your host & want to run queries on the db connected from your win98 machine?

    If this is the case then you need sql server Query Manager - not Enterprise Manager. Enterprise Manager will let you see all the db's setup on the server but you will not have admin access unless you are the administrator - which would give you access to all the db's on the server and allow you to create new db's

    To have your own sql server db - with admin access - you need a sql server license - which is $4500 for the standard edition.
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    Thanks for the reply!

    You have a shared sql server with your host & want to run queries on the db connected from your win98 machine?

    I do have sql query analyser..All i want to do by creating a new login is that, i want to tell my script to connect to the db name and tables which i created by running a query.


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    For sql query analyzer use must specify the server, login and password before you can use it to run a query.

    You cannot add a login unless you have authority on the server to add one.

    You will need your host to grant you permission to add logins. My guess you won't get it. But your host should have given you the ip address and a login with a password to your database only.

    if you get that far, in the object browser tool of query analyzer you should see your database, double click, then double click user tables - you will see the tables that you created.
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    I have the hostname, IP, login and password for my database...I'll check with my host again.

    Thanks for the help

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