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    34 (Server a Day) bad experience

    I decided to get a dedicated server from for one of my clients who run a not for profit organization in Toronto. I requested to setup the KVM over IP, which for some reason unknown to humanity "doesn't support what I was trying to do" (as per OLM helpful staff not being sarcastic). What I was trying to do was redirect the local cdrom (to emulate as virtual cdrom a main feature supported by Lantronix KVM ) and install centos 5.1 and custom partition the hard-drive. Every time i booted from local cdrom (usb-cdrom), the installation would freeze in the initial stages before I could partition the harddrive and KVM would freeze to the point that ctrl-alt-del would not reboot the system. After several failed attempts, I decided to call tech-support who told me that the dedicated server is unmanaged and their job is to just "install kvm as requested" and not provide support for it and what surprised me even more when he mentioned that I would have to talk to the sales for OS reinstall (i dont know why he mentioned that).

    Anyways, this is not the reason for me posting a negative experience. I manage several servers located in US and Canada and I have never come across a company that would shutdown the service of a prepaid client even before he could use the service (way to go OLM). The server has been shutdown without informing me and the tech support is unreachable. The kvm rental expires tommrow at 9 am eastern and the KVM console shows "NO Signal" which basically means the server has been shutdown : . My client is pissed, I am pissed and am looking forward to talking to billing tommorow for full refund.

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    They turned off the server? O_o I would expect a kvm over IP to be very slow over a regular internet connection, but they should of at least preinstalled the OS of choice for you then give you SSH access.

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    That is a weird experience it is friday night in east coast. Maybe they are down to a few technicians tonight.
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    its a un managed host what do you expect ?

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    I can see it from both sides. But yea I'd definitely be pretty upset as well.

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    Ottawatech - Can you IM/PM me your server name so I can find out what happened? I'll report right back to you. Thanks.

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