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    SingleHop / MidPhase / Autica / ANhosting / etc.. Outage

    There is an ongoing network outage at their facility. They posted a notice about this on their status blog. But they fail to update the post and fail to timestamp the post correctly. It hasn't been updated for nearly 2 hours. All of this is true as I post this message.

    Why doesn't the blog show the current time at the facility as a reference point? Why doesn't the timestamp show the correct time and timezone? Why don't they UPDATE IT?

    We're on the east coast. From here, it appears they've been down for almost 4 hours based on the blog entry. They've actually been down a around 2 hours as of right now.

    I've called twice and asked for the blog to be updated and it has not. Not professional. They are treating your customers like crap at a time when they should be doing everything they can to ease our pain.

    So incredibly frustrating.

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    Maybe those questions should be directed to them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by eclouds View Post
    Maybe those questions should be directed to them.
    Of course. I did so by phone, e-mail, tickets and their own message board.

    The message board you are reading now is for posting "Providers and Network Outages and Updates". So that is what I did after trying all the above methods and being unsatisfied with the results.

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