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    Solar VPS and What is so big about dds and regular vps


    I'm going to purchase a package from SolarVPS (I know they are real good) but I'm debating on if I should go with their regular VPS packages or the DDS package.

    Basically from you all who has dealt with them and the VPS and DDS, what were the advantages / disadvantages for you and why did you choose what you did.


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    I think the only difference is the size of the VPS? Their DDS are just larger VPS packages, aren't they?

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    Actually, the virtualization technology is completely different. The DDS packages utilize Microsoft's Virtualization Technology, where as most of the other VPS's out there utilize Virtuozzo, OpenVZ, XEN, etc. Since a DDS is essentially the same as a dedicated server, less people are placed on each machine than a typical VPS. (4-6 DDS's, as opposed to 20-40 standard VPS's).
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