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    Cheap Dedicated Server Needed

    I am looking for cheap dedicated server which I wish to resell.The config Should be :

    More or even :

    1GB RAM
    160 HDD
    1TB Bandwidth

    Linux OS,Free LxAdmin etc

    Price should be between $50 to $70 without setup fees.


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    I think that it would be difficult to find that. And your budget needed to be reconsidered. What is your project for 1TB bandwidth I wonder? - a true hosting company offering online presence solutions since 1998.
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    You may want to check with Wholesaleinternet. They do have promotions on cheap dedicated servers once in a while.

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    try with ,, I think that already somebody opened topic like this... Use search...

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    Do you mean you need dedicated server "to resell web hosting" or to "resell dedicated servers". I think that for $70 per month you can get P4 machine or a low-end AMD server. I would suggest you to research for so called "bargain basement" deals. Those are vacant machines that companies have in stock when change hardware.
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    3,696 should be in your budget.

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    You may want to browse the offers section here on WHT:

    You should be able to find something within your budget there.
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    Oh yeah, maybe you mean that you will resell hosting space... well, search the Offers Section. Will it be Managed or Unmanaged? But I doubt you will get Managed at that price, I suggest you add a bit more...

    Good Luck,


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    The only place I know of would be Wholesaleinternet....they always seem to have pretty decent offers.

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    Just keep in mind reseller programs offer more than a discount on price, which is important, but price is not everything. I think you will find a reseller program to meet your needs, but you may need to speak with a company representative to work out the details, as the 1TB of bandwidth may be the one thing that makes the price not come at your desired rate. But if you're talking volume, I'm sure you can work out something.

    Start as suggested with the offers here on WHT and then make a point to communicate through chat, phone or email with the hosts you're interested in to work out the details.
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