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    Needed Dedicated Servers

    i need dedicated server who accept gambling or bulk mailing.?

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    For gambling you're looking at offshore places like Gibraltar, Panama, and the likes of those. For bulk mailing, which I'm guessing means you plan to send spam, I doubt anyone will allow it.
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    Bulk mailing can be legal if of course the sender has a permission to send emails from recipients. But if it is like that it is better to discuss newsletter or software or permissions to send messages to subscribers. Gambling sites can be hosted in a few more EU countries. Check this to find more information.
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    If the mass mailing is legal, just about any server provider will allow you to do it, as long as you're not messing with their network or other customers etc... Spam, however, makes it more complicated - you'd have to go offshore somewhere for sure, but where? who knows...
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    Try with Panama OffShore. But panama offshore solutions is very expensive.

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