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    Thumbs up DHCart - Domain and Hosting Cart is only $9.95 (one time fee and limited time offer!)

    Limited Time Offer: DHCart - Domain and Hosting Cart v3.79 owned license is only $9.95 (it's one time fee)

    DHCart is php based aplication and can be used simply to sell domain names or can be enabled to offer hosting packages and domain transfers as well.

    Uses PHP available on most Unix and Windows servers.
    Works with over 400 domain extensions.
    Determines domain availability.
    Any registration periods and prices allowed for each domain extension.
    Option to select hosting package for each domain name(if you enable it).
    Providing free domain with hosting or selecting a hosting can be necessary(if you enable them).
    Supports domain transfers(if you enable it).
    Easy to add to your own page layout * even inside a table cell. Also it use CSS file. All of the colors and the fonts can be changed by editing the CSS file.
    Easy to include only the domain extensions you wish to sell and support.
    Built in support for 2checkout, Paypal, Moneybookers, Nochex, E-Gold and manual processing. It can be integrate to any payment gateway that other than these, too.
    Supports monthly recurring billing on Paypal.
    Sends email to customer and vendor with order details at checkout(supports SMTP authentication).
    Supports Tax.
    Supports any currency symbol and/or currency name.
    Supports currency conversion. You can set the currency exchange rates for each payment gateways if your default currency is different from them.
    Uses language file for easy translation.
    User defined fields for order form.
    User defined email messages.
    Supports coupon system. You can offer one time and/or recurring discount for hosting and/or domain.
    Excellent documentation.
    And more...

    Requirements: PHP 4.2 or above only.


    DomainCart - Domain and Hosting Shopping Cart with Integrated Bootstrap Hosting Template. - Demo

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    Nice layout; but how secure it is your script?
    Online power for online people!

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    You ad says 9.95, but your order page 19,95 so how would someone benefit from your special?

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    That was a short offer Posted on 16th - after an email sen on 17th the offer expired already. Makes you wonder why the topic starter didn'tjust add an expiration date or asked a mod to close this topic.

    Anyways nice script and good luck with your sales.

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