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    [For Hire] -- Support/Sales Tech (Levels 1/2) -- $20/week

    Hello I'm Chris,

    I'm looking to earn some money and gain some more knowledge at the same time. I was born in the USA and only speak english, with around 2-3 years of web hosting experience as I use to run my own. Currently living in Rome, Georgia --

    I'm very good at helping clients and even installing 3rd party programs. I could play both a support and sales role and pretty much anything else you may need with live chat, ticket systems, email, ect. I would be like a level 2 tech but can do some level 3-tech-type things.

    Only interested and experienced with cPanel/WHM-linux based servers. My hours are not really set as I will only be doing this in my free time, so I'm offering 24/7 service for $20/week.

    Be advised this is when I'm available to help, so it could be 12 hours straight, to only a few hours a day, but I guarantee at least 20+ hours/week with a max being at around 80+ hours.

    20-50 hours

    Sounds pretty fair to me if I say so myself, and you don't have to pay me for getting any sales for you at all.

    The first week of my services, free! .. and if your a brand new host, the first month is free with a 25 cent starting fee.

    Please PM me if your interested at all, and ask for my YIM, AIM, or MSN if needed!

    I accept PayPal or e-gold.
    GeekDub Hosting, Reseller, VPS and more! ●

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    Sending you a message.

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    Sending you a msg.
    Andrew Anderson
    Sales Manager

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    Hello Lucky,

    Just sent you a msg.

    Deepak K Rana

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    i am high interest . Please contact me
    We buy Hosts.
    icq: 149389211
    aim: konper

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