Unlimited Virtual Machines within your leased resources

Thinking of using Amazon's EC2 or need a more flexible VPS? Give us a try!

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Our service

- No per-VM pricing!

- Why pay for individual virtual machines when you can create as many as you want?

- VERY fast disk performance (20+ spindles in RAID 1+0)

- Resell individual virtual machines that run within your lease

- Quickly create and destroy virtual machines without being charged per VM or VPS

- Get started for only $95/month! Pro-rated mid-month service changes!

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We are also a Microsoft Service Provider and a reseller of esXpress for the Chicago area.

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Eric K. Miller
Genesis Hosting Solutions, LLC

Some additional info:

- Create private and public subnets - use your own virtual router

- Monthly commitments with Quarterly & Annual discounts

- Choose your own configuration - lease resources a la carte (CPU, Memory, Disk, and Internet Bandwidth)

- We're a VMware Authorized Hosting Provider

- VMware Virtual Infrastructure (ESX) based service

- Highly available cluster with Distributed Resource Scheduling, High-Availability, VMotion, etc. enabled

- Pay for guaranteed resources only, the remaining CPU and Memory available in the cluster is available for your use (unlimited bursting)

- Windows NT, 2000, XP, Server 2003, Red Hat Linux, SUSE Linux, Netware, and Solaris support

- CPU and Memory prioritization among your virtual machines

- Import/Export VMs from our cluster to/from ESX, Workstation, etc.

- Securely upload your ISOs to use with your virtual machines

- dual power supplies, separate industrial UPSes and generators per server power supply

- highly available, high-speed data center Internet connections

- Equipment is located in Chicago, IL USA