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    Need advice about Siteturn

    Hi all;

    One month ago I cancelled my hosting account with Siteturn and on the same day they terminated service but charged me for another month. I called them many times trying to get back my data in vain. I finally gave up. What offending is they are still charging me for an already-cancelled account. I know I can ask my credit card company to charge back but I can not stop them from charging more. You cannot do a chargeback every month! I know there are many siteturn victims like me. The question is what we can do to stop them from doing further harm to customers. Your advice is highly appreciated.


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    Hula.. Captin Sunshine Hosting (haha, or SiteTurn.. i really dont know em but charging for a deleted account is illegal; in fact, fraud). Want to stop em? You can't unless you're willing to file something against them. BUT you can go to your bank (or credit card agency support), let them know and sometimes they not only will NOT allow that vendor from posting transactions to your card, but will FILE an allegation FOR YOU with VISA (and VISA, although big and slow) will put a note on file (or place fradulent charges against them). Let your bank (or credit card people) know that you would also like a credit BACK INTO your account for all the transactions processed (be ready to show/fax proof of account suspension, your emails that you sent them to stop charging, and the MERCHANT NAME that is posted on your statement for the $x.xx amount. This will help get things rolling, because if the credit card agency is out money (even $1) they have a conflict of interest in the case.

    I've seen this done before and have helped other clients get their money back from the hosting company. Honestly, I havent seen a hosting company shut down, but a flag from VISA is indeed called for! And trust me... they'll stop charging your account!
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