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    * Quad Core Xeon, Unmetered Bandwidth, DirectAdmin Free, Instant Setup @ Dead Low Price

    Infinite Technologies ( is a leader in providing businesses with innovative technical solutions. Our exceptional services are equaled only by our continued focus on outstanding quality and support; our friendly staff is available 24/7 to assist you with any matters that may arise. Our servers are housed in We-Dare Data Center located in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

    Whats So Special About Our Services?
    • All self owned Dell PowerEdge Enterprise class servers. Quality matters!
    • 24/7 TruTech Support™ via Help Desk and Phone. Support matters!
    • SSL Secured Client Area and Support Desk. Privacy matters!
    • 99.96% Uptime track record for 8 months straight. Uptime matters!

    Server Hardware Details

    Intel® Xeon® Quad Core 2.5 GHz (X3323)
    2 x 4MB CPU Cache
    2 GB DDR2 667 ECC RAM
    1x 500 GB HDD 7200 RPM
    Integrated Remote Reboot for FREE
    4 Public IP Addresses Included
    CentOS 5 Preinstalled

    Bandwidth Details

    Package 1
    10 Mbps Dedicated Bandwidth
    50 Mbps Burst Bandwidth
    100 Mbps Internal Bandwidth
    2 Hours Setup Time-Frame

    Package 2 [hot]
    20 Mbps Dedicated Bandwidth
    80 Mbps Burst Bandwidth
    1 Gbps Internal Bandwidth
    1 Hour Setup Time-Frame

    Package 3
    50 Mbps Dedicated Bandwidth
    100 Mbps Burst Bandwidth
    1 Gbps Internal Bandwidth
    24 Hours Setup Time-Frame

    FAQ / Notes
    - Prices mentioned above are inclusive of server hardware along with bandwidth.
    - Upgrades to server hardware may delay deployment time upto 72 hours.
    - Change in operating system may delay deployment time upto 6 hours.
    - Above servers are unmanaged / self-managed. Management and monitoring is available at additional charges.
    - IP Transit is over Tiscali Intl Network B.V. ( and peering at AMS-IX (

    How do I order?
    - Please email sales]at[ for more information on how to order. Please mention URL to this page for reference.
    - If in urgency, please call +91.9916971255 to speed up your ordering process.

    How do I contact you? - If you have any questions feel free to contact us!
    • sales ]at[
    • +1-888-WEB-5333 (US, toll-free) / Urgency: +91.9916971255 (my cell)
    • Infinite Technologies (India) Private Limited

    Edit: 20 machines are available for order, first 5 get DirectAdmin free. Order soon!
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    Update: We got 7 more machines left. Out of which 1 more gets DirectAdmin for free!

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