We are currently offering special promotion together with datacentre arm for all looking to colocated Servers in Singapore. Our Datacentre currently has 80 racks and is running multi uplink to the varioud upstream providers in Asia Pacific such as Singtel/Starhub/PCCW/MCI and many more.

Customer Assurance
All Plans are on monthly contracts and we do not tie any customers to 12/24 months as we feel that customers have the right to choose if there is a better offer around. If you find a similar colocation at a better price, drop us an email and we will better it. Do share all these valuable information with all SGWHT forumers.

Other Plans 1U/10U/21U are also available and start at S$99/mth with guaranteed 512kbps.

Singapore Full Rack Colocation Offer
Monthly S$299 (USD 215)
ZERO Setup Fee (All fully waived)
2 U Standard Full Rack
2 Power Sockets
2 IP addresses

Monthly S$699 (USD 502)
ZERO Setup Fee (All fully waived)
21 U Standard Full Rack
6 Power Sockets
6 IP addresses

Monthly S$1299 (USD 935)
ZERO Setup Fee (All fully waived)
42 U Standard Full Rack
12 Power Sockets
12 IP addresses

Monthly S$1699 (USD 1222)
ZERO Setup Fee (All fully waived)
42 U Standard Full Rack
12 Power Sockets
12 IP addresses

Additonal 12 Power Sockets + 12 IPs @ $600/month

Commercial Utility Underground Conduits
Redundant UPS System
30-45 mins of backup time (Industry Standard: 15 mins)
Multiple incoming power supplies
Dual-feed secondary switchboard and critical load distribution boards
Backup Diesel Generator

Security is paramount to all our customers. Hence, the datacenter and network have been designed with that in mind. We provide a comprehensive security system which includes: visitation controls/visitation logging/dedicated ethernet system/network monitoring
All visitors to the datacenter are identified against a client-defined access control list. Each visitor is also issued a badge and his entry and exit to the center is logged. Visitors in the datacenter are monitored from an open glass view panel.
Each server housed in Sparkstation's datacenter is connected via a dedicated ethernet switch rather than hubs. This arrangement protects the confidentiality of traffic within our network and ensures no other server housed on our network can tap the data flowing through our network.

Raised Flooring
HVAC temperature control systems
Separate Cooling zones
Individual Rack Level Circuit Breaker

Our datacenter is equiped with multiple units of conditioning units, a complete FM-200 fire supression system, a complete smoke detection system and a piped sprinkler system. Each rack is also earth-grounded and has its own individual circuit breaker for that extra redundancy.

Hosting Services
Sparkstation Ptd Ltd (www.sparkstation.net)
10 Science Park Road
#02-09 The Alpha
Singapore 117684

Datacentre & ISP Provider
IDC Services Ptd Ltd (www.qala.com.sg / www.idc-services.com.sg)
31 International Business Park
#03-03 Creative Resource
Singapore 609921

For more info please email [email protected]