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    COLO-Good or bad?


    I have been looking at various hositng plans, but I was wondering about something today. There are many co-location centers around where I live, and I have a server that my dad's company dumped. I fixed it up and now its pretty good (dual 1.2ghz's, 512 RAM, 2 40gig HD's). Waht are people's opinions of colocation? Is it worth the cost? I'm not looking for huge bandwidth. Has anyone had experience with it?


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    Collocation is often the best way to provide security, redundant power and a stable, multihomed connection without commiting a lot of cash to a project. Collocating will also mean that you're not paying to lease someone elses hardware, which can save you a few sheckles as well.

    Determine your needs and what the centre really offers. For example:
    • What kind of access do you need to have to the server?
    • Do you need unescorted access or not?
    • Exactly how are bandwidth charges calculated and how much do you really need?
    • Just how good is the connection at the prospective location (check out ping times, trace routes and peering arrangements)?
    • What is the IP block assignment policy?
    • How will reverse DNS be handled?
    • What happens if you need more space (a cabinet for example)? Do you need to change your IP blocks or can they be routed to your new cabinet (i.e. are IP addresses sub netted in such a way as to allow you to move your IP block within the centre)?}
    • Who manages the router(s) and how is setup of access lists and filtering managed?

    In other words do your homework before you sign on the dotted line and read the fine print. It's worth it in the long run.

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    Thanks OneofThem! That's good advice............I'll definitly read all the small type before I choose a COLO company. Any one have any other opinions?

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    Colo is good you at least own the server..

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