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    * Hosting/Personal/Anything Web Design Auction PLUS Custom Webdesign for your Company!!

    Hi, this used to be Voldemort but i changed my name for my future website.

    I'm setting up an auction for this design layout i made:


    Auction will end next Sunday September 1st I think.
    This auction will be posted on 3 other boards. Highest bidder will be the winner.

    Bid starting at $50.00 Current bid will be updated here and will be seen below


    Contact: [email protected]
    email me to bid or post here.

    I am doing custom webdesigns. Prices depend on the project. I have been graphics designing for over 2 years. I can do Logos, webdesigns, templates, ads, business cards, almost everything to do with graphics. I have made countless logos some can be seen below:
    plus a lot more.

    Interested? Email me at [email protected]

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    ooooh common. anybody?

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