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    what are the first steps to optimize a fresh website?

    Hi.... Im new here...

    my friend and me have created a website and we want it to optimize but it too fresh and not existing in Search Engine especially google... I want to get help from you, so that we have an idea where to start and to make our site visible in SE...

    what is the very first step to optimize a fresh website?
    what should we do?

    some help please.....


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    1. Relevant authoritative back links. Link baiting and social media.
    2. Accessibility in themed structure. Making your website easy to crawl and index. Information architecture is key.
    3. Basic on-site SEO factors. Original content.
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    Let's take a step back just to make sure your bases are covered.

    The first step takes place long before a site launches. Good code engineering is a substantial contributing factor to good search engine rankings. I've found this to be the case through a great deal of experience. We've actually negated potential ongoing SEO engagements by doing a code restructuring first, only to find the results were so dramatically positive in search engines that only very cursory SEO (or no SEO at all beyond the initial content loading) was needed.

    Is the link in your signature the site in question?
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    Few tips I would throw out would be:

    #1 Add a few new content pages every week. It'd say 2-3 pages a week and/or 8-10 new content pages per month.

    #2 Add social aspects to your website such as: forum/blog/rss feed. If done correctly will help to attract new people to your website. Creating a blogspot account and have it point to your website is a good idea to get indexed quickly.

    #3 Write all original content, very important as most engines love original content.

    #4 Construct your Titles in accordance to what keywords you want people to find your website. Titles are very important, especially in engines like Yahoo!/Google.

    #5 Having your website in a forum signature is a good idea. Also having friends and/or family doing this also helps.

    #6 Social Networking works a little bit. I'm not a huge fan of it, but I suspect it does work a bit.

    #7 Setup a Google Sitemap. Helps good to know if any changes are made, and they will get indexed faster. / We Filter out the Bad Leads and Send you the Good ones!
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    BTW: don't get too many links in a short period of time, google doesn't like that

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    I am not quite sure about this

    <QUOTE>don't get too many links in a short period of time, Google doesn't like that</QUOTE>

    I think getting your site submitted in different host directories works quite well and for example I have listed our website at and since few days after , the traffic went up as well as the sales

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    There are a lot of things you can do to improve your ranking in search engines. However search engines are very clever in the fact they have different algorithms rotating to determine which website is more relevant.

    Basically what you need to do is keep your content very relevant to the type of services you offer. Try not to repeat the same word over and over. Make sure your website validates through W3C. Make sure you make good use of ALT tags on images. And most important of all try and change your content slightly each month to show search engines that you are infact updating your content frequently.

    I hope these tips help. But remember search engine rules change very often and it can be very hard to get high up in listings.
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    And, to track all of this, try some Google Analytics. Its free! Everyone I know use them to track visitors.

    And btw, a sitemap is a perfect idea. Seems like a lot of people forget to do this!

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    Optimize first on the onpage (title, description, meta, etc) factors and then build backlinks using the keywords you want to rank for as anchor texts. - Internet Marketing and SEO

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    Don't forget to validate the website so that it's W3C compliant too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gzola View Post
    Don't forget to validate the website so that it's W3C compliant too.
    How does validation affect SEO?

    Validation is necessary for many reasons, I just can't think of how it would affect SEO, unless you're talking about certain documentation outside of (X)HTML specs. Please elaborate!
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    what are the first steps to optimize a fresh website?

    Im my opinion, you should do first Search Engine Submission and increase traffic from different ways. if you want to more information about this. you should check

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    try webmaster tools from google. it is free. They have a Content analysis that sees potential problems with site metadata, such as title and meta description information
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