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    [REQUEST] Dropping Empty UDP Packets


    I currently have my own dedicated server located with the following prefs;

    Linux: CentOS 4.6 (final)
    Kernel Version: 2.6.9-67.0.15.ELsmp

    I know this is possible, but I am seeking how to drop empty udp packets automatically with iptables. If anyone could help me out, would be appreciated.


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    Any ideas people?

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    What do you mean empty udp packets? I never seen a 0byte packet, it has to have some length to it.

    If you want to block invalid or fragmented packets there are iptables rules you can use for it. Firewall scripts like APf and CSF have packet filter too for invalid packets. Also if the udp packets are going to a port where you dont have any udp service simply block that port to udp.
    Here are some resources:
    How to: Linux Iptables block common attacks
    Got Root : Linux Firewall rules

    You also may wanna look into extended tcpdump syntax or understanding tcp dump in general | study | tcpdump

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