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    Small Javascript job , paid upon completion...


    I currently have a small issue with form I have. I need a javascript expert to help with the resolve. The job pay is negotiable.

    Job Description:

    Store cart with input to be carried over to the order forms have been modified with a couple html statements such as <br>.

    2 forms such as the credit card order form as well as the pay by check form handle the code and display it properly.

    The form with the issue is a PayPal order form that carries a script call to paypal itself for checkout. When order is submitted, the PayPal site is contacted and our account is pulled up with the order coming from the cart. The issues are that the PayPal pages show the html within the order.

    I wrote the forms. But I did not write the javascript. I can eliminate the problem with removing the html from the line statements, but then this would do away with the design of the forms in which case is not satisfactory.

    So, what I need is for a "javascript" expert to take a look at the paypal function code, write or perform the task of removing certain html statements upon the submission of the form.
    The task was tried once and failed to work.

    I have snapshots of the errors and am well versed with the program that I need help with.

    I only need one Javascript coding expert. If you consider yourself an expert, your welcome to PM me with your email so I can contact you. If you cannot fix the situation, you do not get paid. So I ask that whomever interested be versed well in Javascript and html and that they give an estimate of cost before starting the project.

    At resolve, the javascript coder will be paid either via credit card or PayPal whichever you desire.

    I will be checking my PM box on a regular basis for the next two days.

    Thank you.

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    Another note:

    The Javascript in question with the PayPal order form is copyrighted by the company that produced the cart. I have written permission from the author to manipulate the javascript code for desired output.

    The Javascript code will be given to you for altering, but the code cannot be reused or redistributed in any fashion and must be removed from your machine upon completion of the job task.

    I didn't want to change the original post if I could help it, so I posted this addendum. Not trying to bump or anything mind you.

    Thank you,

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    That was helpful
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    And somewhat amusing.

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    Thank you!

    I just wanted to take a minute to thank Anant Systems, Inc. for the fine quality professional work they did to help us.

    Anant Systems, Inc. is better known on the forums as anantatman. To those looking for an excellent javascript professional, please be sure to give him a buzz.

    I couldn't be happier with the work he performed.

    I hope you can help with future projects.

    Thank you.

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    (i'll keep your anonymity until you're ready)

    Thanks for the opportunity. You know my email, feel fee to contact me any time.

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