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    Niche for windows?

    Linux hosts are two-a-penny these days, do you think there is a particular niché for feature-rich, low cost, high feature windows hosting? I find the lack of decent windows hosts abismal.

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    i think it will remain a neiche all the time that microcrud keeps its prices so hi.
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    There are a lot of Windows hosts around - just not too many on this forum. 'Low Cost' is the key here. From all I've seen setting up a Windows server costs a little more than good old open source, so it would be wise to check your profit margin

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    As Greg mentioned, Windows servers cost quite a lot more to setup. Feature-rich will cost more than you think. ColdFusion and server applications like that definitely don't come cheap, and from what i've seen use up more system resources than most unix server software. I know of one host that does very cheap Windows hosting, not sure how they're doing it. They've been around for a while too - Terry please contact me if you would like the URL.
    Andrew Walenczykiewicz

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