Wbws.net started over a year ago with 2 customers. Today our customerbase is around 220 on 3 servers and growing at a steady rate.

Hosted sites range from personal sites to small business sites and even a small number of larger business sites who have put their trust in us to keep their companies email up and running.

Our average uptime per server during the past year has been 99.68% (monitored by easyspace at www.easyspace.com).

Wbws cannot offer you the lowest prices on this forum, nor do we wish to do so. However with prices starting at $ 4.99 per month for 100 MB diskspace / 5 GB datatransfer per month we can still be concidered to be a budget host.

We use the cPanel controlpanel and WHT for the multi-domain accounts.

If you are tired of moving from host to host only to be disappointed again and again then give us a try. It may be a few dollars more per month but we have got 220 customers who think that it's worth it.

For more information about our hostingplans, features and price please visit www.wbws.net

Wbws Sales