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    The Wii Internet Channel - Not too bad

    I bought the Wii Internet Channel yesterday for 500wii points ($5.00) and I must say its not bad. It uses the Opera browser, and its pretty clean.

    It has a nice zoom feature, which is great for youtube. My g/f I and were playing The Who vidoes on youtube, and zoomed it to have the video go across the whole screen. Was awesome...

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    I downloaded it as soon as I got my Wii on Christmas 2006, it's always nice to see good browsers like Opera being ported onto the consoles, perhaps a Firefox version will come out if Nintendo release an API...

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    I don't think we'll see FireFox on it anytime soon. They're just pushing out a mobile version, while Opera has had a mobile version out for years, and already is on the DS and Wii. That, and there's not really a need for another browser on the Wii. Opera's heavily customized, to the point where I'm sure that a FireFox version wouldn't look or act entirely different.

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