This is Yatish with 3 yrs of experience in Webhosting and Production servers and with control panels such as WHM , Plesk, Direct Admin , Hsphere , Hosting controller etc..

Looking to provide support to Web servers and Production servers.I can do all kind of installtions, upgrades, Trouble shooting, Server security.

Available for 16x7 as well as 8 hours shift ( Will be working as full time employee too), looking for long business relationship in webhosting industry and will be trying to help out to expand your organization ( Partnership , Branch in India , Offshore Solutions) here too.I am very flexible in payment issues and the prices are negotiable.Payment platform is PayPal.

Following is Our Profile.

- More than 3 years in the hosting industry (shared hosting/vps hosting/dedicated servers,VPS)
- I've worked in many big and small companies,Data centers.
- Familiar with many operating systems, control panels and billing/support systems
- Able to explain things clearly and effectively
- Professional and courteous
- Ability to work as a team player
- Many hours on internet with high-speed connection
- Location, country and timezone:Maharashtra /India,Timezone:GMT+5.30;IST


- Support Ticket Level 1 (Help clients, escalate tickets etc.)
- Support Ticket Level 2 (Site errors, php,apache,mysql,mail,ftp etc)
- Support Ticket Level 3 (Server administration,Server security,3rd party software installation)
- System Administration (Remote os installation,kernel,apache,mysql,php,IIS,Mailenable,control panels and other 3rd party installations and upgrade,Server security,Server monitoring)
- Managment of whole technical support and system administration for company.

Certification completed

- RHCE : Red Hat Certified Engineer
- MCES 2003 : Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer
-MCSD.NET : Microsoft Certified Solution Developer

Operating Systems

- CentOS
- SuSE/OpenSuSE
- Debian
- Fedora Core
- FreeBSD
- Windows 2003

Control Panels

- Cpanel/WHM
- Plesk
- DirectAdmin
- Ensim
- Helm
- H-Sphere
- Hosting Controler

Web Servers
- Apache 1.3,2
- Jakarta tomcat server
- Java web server
- LiteSpeed Web Server
- Lighttpd Web Server
- Other web servers as per client requirements.
- IIS 5.0 , 6.0

Mail Servers
- Sendmail
- Qmail
- Exim
- Mail-enable
- Smarter Mail
- Merak Mail

Linux Platform

- Apache Web server
- FTP services
- Mails Services
- Mysql Database Server
- Other System related service management like user account.
- Implementing Server security.
- Practical hands on Live Redhat Linux Web Server
- Installing server software's.
- Restoring Crashed Servers.

Linux Accomplishment

- Managing websites on the servers.
- Trouble shooting problems related to FTP, DSN, DNS, Cold Fusion Administration, Mail servers, Restarting & configuring web services such as http, ftp, etc..
- Well versed with Windows & Linux servers.
- Remote Installations Servers'.
- Correcting Configuration files.
- Tuning up Apache Web Server, MySQL.
- Trouble shooting scripting issues.
- Server Monitoring and load balancing.
- Hacking Detection.
- Handling different Web Hosting Control Panels.
- Server Disk Space Management.
- Memory Management.
- Installing O.S.
- Installing Control Panel, Control Panel Utilities
- Server Security maintenance.
- Designing the firewall for the servers.
- Maintaining the backups of the data on server.
- Server related issue regarding cgi, perl, php etc.
- Upgrading and installing utilities on server.
- Upgrading Plesk Control Panel, Cpanel
- Upgrading and installing Stats Software Utilities like Awstats,Analog, Webalizer, Urchin etc.

Windows Platform

- IIS5.0 and IIS6.0
- FTP services
- Mail services
- Mysql, MsSQL Database Server.
-DNS servers
-Active Directory Servers / Domain controllers

Windows Accomplishment

- IIS installations , Configurations , Administration ( complete windows web servers )
- Optimizing IIS performance up to mark
- Apache Installations , Configurations
- MSSQL 2000 , MSSQL 2005 servers , Installations ,Configurations
- Mysql on windows server
- VPN set up , Remote and Routing access Configurations
- ICS installations and configurations
- Windows web servers installation ,configuration
- Windows DNS servers installations, administrations ,configurations
- Active directory Installations , Configurations ,Troubleshooting
- DHCP servers , WINS servers
- Windows Mail servers
- Server Monitoring
- Performance tunning
- Windows Security , Firewalls , DDOS Protection
- Setting IP Security policies
- Server Administration: To manage servers' based on Windows 2000/2003 & Linux based servers.
- Installations on remote Windows & Linux servers. For e.g.: PHP, Control Panels, etc.
- Maintaining websites located on the servers both dedicated as well as shared.
- Troubleshooting website & server related issues.
- Troubleshooting SQL server problems & Front Page issues.
- Cftags
- Third Party Softwares Installations and configurations
-Active Directory , Production Servers

Server Audit/Security Tools

- Nmap
- Rkhunter
- Chkrootkit
- Self writen security script and many more
- IPtables

VPS softwares
- Virtuozzo
- Lxadmin
- OpenVz

Other Softwares installation and configuration

- APC cache, mod_auth_mysql, mod_dev,mod_dosevasive, mod_ fcgi, mod_headers, mod_proxy, mod_python,mod_bandwidth, mod_gzip,eAccelerator, Zend Optimizer, etc.
- Flash media server, GeoIP, Imagemagick,Integration of the Kayako with Modern bill, iftop, etc.
- All Youtube software installations.
- Site Builder, RV skin, RV skin installation, RV Tryout installation, etc.
And all kind of 3rd party software installations.

Data Center Work

I am well aware with the Datacenter strategies , Acceptable User policies, Abuse issues , TOS , Network configurations.Response time to Chat and tickets.

- Work on DC tickets.
- Checking the Abuse Issues.
- Remote OS upgrade.
- Fixing the damage servers from KVM.
- Trouble shooting server wide issues.

I am willing to learn new things and search about new technologies, so even if i am not that familiar with your system i could surely learn about it very fast.Also i am able to sign NDA if you want me to.

If you are interested in my services you can PM here or reply to this post leaving your email and i will email you back Or mail me at

You can add me in IM

- Hotmail : [email protected]
- GTalk : [email protected]