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    Managed dedicated server - come with virtulization software?


    Does anybody know if there is a provider that offers managed dedicated servers that you can have virtulization software preinstalled?


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    Check out the Offers Section for Managed Providers and then send them emails and ask them as usually this is not listed as pre-installed.. and btw, what virtualization software you require? Good Luck.


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    I know solarvps offers this. You can hit up the owner ross on aim at solarvps or email him at admin {at}

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    Sure. What do you want to do? To have VPS on the machine? The installation and the use of visualization technology will affect in higher price however.
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    You can install your own Virtualization engine yourself. Xen and OpenVZ, you could install on virtually any server. If you're thinking on offering VPS and don't know how to even set it up, I would suggest against it, at least until you learn to setup and control your own environment.

    This also goes if its your own VPS environment for yourself. Start wit vmWare server (its free), and then you can jump on Xen or OpenVZ.

    Heres some resources and howtos on Xen or vMware

    vmware on Debian -

    Xen on Debian -

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    Bear in mind though that, if you are planning on offering VPS, you're not allowed to do it with VMWare Server so it might be worth putting the effort into learning one of the others.
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    i have just purchased from burstnet server with additional fee to install Xen OS as main operating system. but sadly, they have no good support for this, i got networking problem for 7 days there is no resolution until now

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    You can also use HyperVM it supports Xen and Openvz

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    try any VPS provider who also rents dedicated servers

    or sent me a pm... I I fit into that catagory

    It's pretty easy to install CentOS/Xen- so really, any dedicated server provider willing to do a custom CentOS install should be able to help you out.

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