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    need a programmer that can do php and perl

    I need a script, for my news comment system. Right now I have an addon called ZComment
    for my Coranto news script. All of which is perl. I need someone to change the ZComment addon so its login system
    is tied in to my database which powers my forums. That way users that are registered in the forums, can login to the comment
    system and use the same login/password when they want to post comments about news.

    I also need a perl or php script, that allows users to post news on my site. It also needs to share forum database. The admin also
    has to approve all news before its actually added.

    I need a login script on my main page of the site. What it does, is basically allows users that are registered in the forums to login from the main page. After the user types in his/her username and password then hits the submit button, the script shouldset the cookie/session or whatever, and redirect them back to the main page they came from. Also need a link so they can register a username (without going to the forums). Please note, that when a user registers in the forums, the forums sends a auth/confirmation link to their email they must reply to. I will need this implemented in the registration script.

    Please give me a quote on all of this, if you are interested.

    Please email all quotes to [email protected]
    or ICQ them to 11382784

    Please do not PM me quotes or questions. You must have ICQ in order to do business with me.


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