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Thread: SYN Flooding?

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    SYN Flooding?

    Well I've tried Staminus and Awknet and they both just seem to rate-limit if I get like 300MBIT SYN, is there any provider that won't just rate-limit but will actually filter the attack for around $200/mo?
    Thank you.

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    Port 80 SYN? or are we hosting IRC?

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    Yes, it's based at HTTP (port 80).

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    A better solution might be to log the attack with tcpdump, and report it to the feds, or get it to a company that deals with stuff like this. I know of one called

    Or, you might want to review your access_log/error_log for evidence of flooding, see if maybe it's hitting a script.

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    Well, this is why I was trying Staminus and Awknet.. does anyone have any better recommendations?

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    1,711 maybe?

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    Quote Originally Posted by zacharooni View Post maybe?
    Prolexic is way out of my budget of $200/month... Thanks for your help though, can anyone else help me out?

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    To be quite honest if you are looking for true filtering at such a level you would need some form of hardware firewall which can do SPI and other higher level filtering techniques. In addition such hardware tends to not come cheaply. I'd strongly suggest you raise your budget a bit higher if possible as you may have better luck finding a reliable solution.

    The other option is to get a decent grade server and 1GBit port to the network you go with (so you can filter on the box itself). The issue here is you'd need to be sure the provider isn't going to charge you for incoming bandwidth in the event of an attack.
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