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    Simple and Pro designs for sale!

    I have these simple and professional designs for sale. = $20 = $5 = $30

    You can get all 3 of them for $40!

    This is no bidding but first person who wants them will get them. Payments will be made by paypal!

    *You will get .psd files for each template, .html's for each of the template, gifs, and fonts.

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    BTW all comments are acceptable.

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    Ok, they suck. Just kidding

    You might wish to state whether they're .psds, if they're already sliced etc.

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    OK.good idea. Thanks

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    I would like to start seeing payment options with templates.

    Like CC/Paypal/Money Order/ or Check.
    ONLY Company Check

    Will you only accept paypal?
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    yes, I will only accept paypal since if I accept checks or money orders it's gonna take like 1 week until I receive it, so it wont work. Why not just get a *free* paypal account and get mony from you cc or checking account? Its same thing but faster.

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    We have PayPal.. Was just rambling
    Nothing Special: True Archive , just my lil archive for fun... maybe turn into something more?

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