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    send emails through outlook

    hey guys

    if we were going to send emails out for marketing why shouldn't we use outlook / outlook express instead of a good email marketing script?

    in the past we've always used email marketing software which queues it up for you, lets you send out html / text, reports etc.

    basically my boss wants to send them out via outlook so we dont have to shell out for the email marketing script. i've tried to explain that for the reports and queuing and stuff we should use the software but he's hellbent that outlook is just as good.

    im a little worried that we'll get blacklisted for spam. (out addresses are 100% ok from previous customers and double opt in).

    any advice how i could persuade him?

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    Forget any of that and look at Constant Contact.

    We utilise it for marketing emails as well as feedback forms etc.

    No real problems for blacklisting as the people receiving them have to "opt in" to receive them, so your only sending to those who moreos have a "want" to receive emails like that about promos, outages etc.

    Might be worth considering?


    Dale Evans

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    hey thanks for replying

    the software choice is irrelevant, as we know what we'd use. the addresses are taken from a table in the database checked as "i want email".

    we're not looking for software recommendations, i need pros and cons of the technical implications of sending though desktop vs using the software.

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    there is quite a few emailers out there that are free. just require an smtp server

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    oh its you welcomed me before as the newbie lol

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    sorry Dave,one more thing,do you have access to Private Messages??? for some reason i cannot access my PM Box or send PM's to anyone.

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