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    * Looking for a serious PHP/mySQL Hosting.

    Hi All members of this great forum !

    I am looking for a PHP/mySQL hosting in europe (VPS or Shared).

    Could someone advice please ?

    My best regards.

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    What are your disk space and bandwidth requirements? Any specific area of Europe? Would you want to pay in Euros or Pound Sterling?

    Any specific PHP version? A lot of questions I know, although they need to be answered in order for us to be able to well help you
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    Also need to know how active is your MySQL database. How many databases will you be using and what are the traffic conditions like.
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    believe he doesn't have any special requriments for MySQL or PHP. Better to know what kingd of content he is going to host. (sometimes webmasters ask for VPS or even dedi and need shared account in fact ) - a true hosting company offering online presence solutions since 1998.
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    There are tons of hosts that offer PHP/Mysql.

    The best place to start with will be the offer thread. But you will have to define your requirements correctly before you start looking for the hosts.

    As you see in above posts, explain your requirements and type of usage and we will be able to assist you with options.
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