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    wisehstinc = wiseonline services?

    Hi everyone,
    I'm a bit new here so mebbe you can all explain a prior incident to me. I don't know how often spammers come up here but this incident occured in december:

    now i recently came here looking for webhosting offers and made a post in the offers section of the forums and got a response from WiseOnline (5th post down)

    his offer seemed good so I IMed him about the offer. He was kind of reluctant to give me his website for some reason, but eventually he told me it was w i s e h o s

    Is this the same site that sent the spammer after everyone in the first thread?? I'm surprised this hasn't come up before since he has over 600 posts under his belt. His offer is very tempting, but if he is indeed connected I'm not one to support a spammer...
    Comments anyone?

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    I would be very skeptical of anyone offering you hosting services that either doesn't have a website or is not willing to give it to you.
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    Its may be because its banned from WHT so he/she might be reluctant. However there are many other options for a good host, you need to search a little more. If you still like their offer, you might as well try them

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