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    Question RackShack subnets blocked for spam?


    Before our local facility was completed we invested in a couple RackShack servers for our portals and main website. RS has provided great service so far and the RackNine website has remained with them, but since the acquisition of new Compaq systems we seem to be having serious email problems. Most email gets through alright yet the odd client is unable to contact RackNine directly, and we can't determine if it's a spam list blocking our range of IPs or errors on the client-end.

    Does anyone else have similar experiences? Is RackShack being blocked somewhere? Obviously if this is the case we'll move our sites, but I'd hate to lose them as an inexpensive alternative to our own network.

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    Run your IPs here:

    It will kick back a basic relay check from the Open Relay Database. It will then give you an option to check the other numerous blocks form others who provide similar databases and that are more vigilante. If they are blocked, you will be told there.

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    Take a look @ and use their Spam database lookup. Looks up lot's of different lists!!

    Also has no Reverse DNS setup. That could be a problem!!
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