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    Server hardware help

    I am looking to setup a test server in my apartment to handle setting up/breaking web servers along with other types of servers in a VMWare environment. This is just for learning purposes along with creating a central location to store all my documents and iso images. The thing that has me thinking really hard is about a RAID setup. I would like to learn how to use/manage RAID, but determining what would be best is the hard part. I have determined that I am going to go with hardware based RAID with a 3ware card(9650 ?).

    Host machine:
    1. Store all files locally on RAID array instead of in a VM
    2. Store VM images on RAID array
    3. Have one drive not in RAID for the host OS/Boot.
    4. Run a version of Debian

    Any suggestions on this?
    Daniel - php scripts and tutorials

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    If you have enough drives. Setup 2 in a raid 1 (mirror), for the operating system and VMware. Setup atleast 3 in a raid 5 array for your data and images.
    If not the use one for the os and 3 in a raid 5 array.

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