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    Plesk Many server to one server

    Hi All

    I would like some feedback on the following plan,

    I have inherited several OLD Plesk boxes, and I would like to migrate them to one server.

    Each old plesk box has its own DNS servers assigned.

    The Plesk to Plesk migration process seems quite straight-forward, however, how do I make it work for several DNS setups, as I need to maintain the DNS settings for each domain.

    Alternativly I was thinking of migrating to Cpanel, but on the few tests I have done, it doesnt really work too well. (any tips on this, as it would be my preffered option)

    Any help/advise would be much appreciated.


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    The plesk migration manager will handle reconfiguring your zone files, and other configs managed by plesk. It also handles distribution conversions, and works across multiple control panels, etc.
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    with regards to your name servers, you can change the Ip's for all name servers to that of the new server.

    There is no limitation to the number of name servers to be registered over a pair of IP's . Since you are planning to dump the old servers , all you need to change is the Ip for the name servers
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