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    Arrow Any Review About Need To Colo server For Warez hosting )

    Hello all

    im planning to colo server at

    anyone here have any review about them

    the main reason for going with them is im gonna choose hongkong data center and

    warez are allowed in hongkong so thats why im preferring them , because many

    of my hosting customer need to host warez.

    so pls get me some Suggestion If You Have Better Options and also

    reviews about them

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    Warez is not allowed in Hong Kong, it's just harder to prosecute someone over it. I also doubt someone as reputable as Equinix would host your server if they found out you were hosting warez.
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    Equinix is not a bandwidth provider. And regardless, Warez is illegal pretty much everywhere so why would you even think of hosting it?
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    Quote Originally Posted by desilime View Post
    what it has to do with kids?

    do your born with full knowledge

    Im Here To Learn , is that clear ?
    Per your IM, for someone with 8+ Years in this industry you sure don't know much or have the common sense this industry teaches you.

    Unless you like spending time responding to suboenas then go right a head you'll get dragged yourself right into the mess. But judging by your location your in india, not sure about laws in india but I am pretty sure they don't have a tolerance for warez/copyrighted material as well.

    You come on here asking questions on where to host warez/copyrighted material. And you are getting bashed. What do you think would happen? People show you a yellow brick road to a pot of gold? No. What your asking for is blatantly illegal.
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    haha funny stuff. it's like going to a police station and asking how to rob a bank.
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    I hear the FBI building downtown is a great place to colo your warez servers, very secure....
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    You're not going to find too many reputable providers and data centers that will allow you to host warez, if you find any at all. You're especially not going to find them hanging around on WHT since there is pretty much a zero-tolerance for warez all around (as I'm sure you can see judging by the responses).

    If you're honestly looking to host warez, I would say look elsewhere and good luck.

    Search through Google and see what happens to most warez websites. They are up and down because they're always having to move their data, they undergo raids & server seizure and deal with more paperwork than they really should ever need to.

    Most data centers I know of aren't going to question whether or not your hosting illegal software when they receive multiple copyright violation notices and have the proof sitting there.
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    Seems he has his answer, and since it's gotten personal, cleaned and closed.
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