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    I have been searching for a host for several weeks and think I've decided where to go. I would like some feedback from current/previous customers of Hosting Matters to find out their opinions on these things.

    Reliability. Are the servers reliable? Well-managed? They seem speedy and the network shows good times from my location.

    Support. I want stellar support even though I will rarely use it. This is the most important thing for me and I'm willing to pay for it. They have the reputation for this. What is your experience with their response times? How thorough are their answers? They seem to be willing to install things I might need, like extra perl modules. Has your experience been that they will do this without whining? Will they explain things that nontechies might not understand if asked? I am not an idiot, but I don't pretend to know everything either and sometimes I am curious about what goes on on the technical side.

    It is possible that I might be in need of a dedicated server, and I understand they provide them. If there is anyone using a server or servers they provide who could address the items above relative to dedicated servers, I would appreciate that. Responses here or via PM will be fine.

    Thank you in advance for your input to this first time poster.


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    Yanellyon, allow me to help you out a bit. On the top right of this window there is an icon called "Search". this will allow you to search this entire forum for any issues relating to Hosting Matters. You'll prolly find good stuff and bad stuff.. and the same with almost any other person. Personally, I dont know much about hosting matters, but if you are looking for a solution, that search query would be the best bet! YOu'll get answers almost instantly!
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    Opinions are like ar$eholes, everyone has one.
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    Try a search over at The SitePoint Forums. I think the owner of Hosting Matters frequently posts there.

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    I was an HM customer for two years. Annette, one of the HM owners posts here and on Sitepoint. I would say two things.

    1) Go search the HostingMatters community forums. You will get a good feel for the level of support through that medium. I was one of the first users to signup on the forums, and left less than a month ago due to getting my own dedicated server. In all that time, I can recall maybe 3 total posts that were deleted from that forum. 2 for spamming the forum and one for foul and obnoxious language. No post has ever been deleted simply because it was a complaint. That forum contains all the good and the is 99% good.

    2) They do offer dedicateds, and Annette is a very good sys-admin. Their servers are stable and on an excellent network. Support is fast, courteous, and on point.

    You can't go wrong with them. Am I saying they are the best host in the world? No. I haven't used the all, but I can think of no reason for you not to host with them.
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    hostingmatter is well liked by this forum, You can't go too wrong with them.

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    A brilliant host, full of laughs and really enjoyable.

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    Annette is a highly regarded member of this forum, and offers valuable advice on a frequent basis. Never seen a bad word against HM, you can't go wrong with them.
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    You should go with them

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    Thumbs up

    Thank you all for your comments.

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