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All plans have a Price Freeze Guarantee

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Reseller Web Hosting, 95 percent off your first month so you can test out the service. Use coupon code 95PERCENT when you order. Coupon expires 5/21/2008


3,000mb Space
50,000mb Bandwidth
Private Name Servers
10 Domains
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7,500mb Space
100,000mb Bandwidth
Private Name Servers
Unlimited Domains
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15,000mb Space
150,000mb Bandwidth
Private Name Servers
Unlimited Domains
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Server Notes:
We are PHP 5.2.5 (Info) enabled

Order Notes:
All orders are immediately setup for the main account and are setup as a reseller account. Anonymous name server and private name servers ( are available. Support will have to manually set the options for private name servers. After your account is set-up you should Email Support with the private name server information and they will take care of it for you.

To prevent fraud, we use MaxMind, so when you order you will need to be prepared to be contacted by an automated telephone call to verify your order if needed, the verification codes is given on the screen. If telephone verification fails the order will not be automatically setup. All you need to verify the order is the number printed on the screen.

Dedicated IP's are $1.99 monthly, just choose the add-on when you order, note: 95% discount does not apply to dedicated IP's or dedicated servers. Dedicated IP's are not automatically setup, after ordering drop an email to [email protected] and let them know you ordered a dedicated IP and they will get it setup for you.

Do your clients know who your reseller is? When you or your clients send/receive email the server name is embedded in the headers of the email. Some reselling companies do not attempt to hide that information. Our server name is not related to our domain name and is registered anonymously so we can't be traced You can use these anonymous name servers). Check your email headers of your current provider and see if it can be traced back to them.

You can try it out our service for a month without putting out a lot of money and we think you will be very happy with the service and remain a customer.

To change from one reseller to another, we can do a CPanel copy of all your clients from your current server to ours. Then you just have to update the name server IP's and the changeover is seamless with no down time.

Terms of Service TOS states we will not host illegal sites, spam sites etc....

Thanks for considering our offer, and you get our Price Freeze Guarantee, the price per month can not go up!!

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