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    I recently decided to move to a VPS from shared hosting. After much research mainly on WHT I had decided on, and since WHT was so helpful in my decision process I thought I'd post a review.

    My sites all run Drupal CMS, so I was looking for fast in terms of cpu for page generation times. And also a VPS that was "managed" because it was big jump from shared hosting for me.

    Anyways I had my big test May 3-4 when I was providing online coverage for a dog event. Over those two days was pretty much averaging 50-100 concurrent users, about 40,000 page views /day, which translated into about 250,000 hits a day on the server.

    I must say the server never even hickupped. All the traffic didn't even slow it down one bit. So I was very impressed with all that and very happy. I think it could have handled double that traffic. I am on the smaller plan with 512 ram guaranteed.

    I submitted a few support tickets that were all answered pretty quickly. Don't have any complaints or negatives to say.

    When I ran some admin tasks on the site that on the old shared hosting would take a long time and frequently time out. on the vps those same admin task would finish in a couple seconds. I couldn't believe, we are talking like 20x faster.

    I am most impressed with the hardware and performance of the VPS. And would recommend to anyone looking to run CMS type website.

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    I'm sure a lot of people interested in vps hosting thank you for posting your review. Keep us updated further on down the road how things are. I once considered zone before I got my servers. Always like the pricing. - Looking for HOT deals on cloud hosting services? We post 5 of the hottest deals every day! -> Click Here <-

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    Nice review and pretty much matches what I'm finding with! Make sure to come back in a few months and let us know how you're doing.

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    7,200's VPS nodes are very speedy. Thanks for your review!

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    Agilpwc, thank you very much for your kind words about our service! I'm glad to hear we have provided you with the service you expect from us. Please do let me know if there is anything I can do to make your experience with us even more pleasant.

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    Nice review of a very good service. I'm also a customer of their and have no complaints. They're top notch.

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