Have you ever wanted to explore what you can really do with VOIP? Do you want to run your own PBX but don't have the skills to install the software?

For only $40 I can setup your very own PBX (Asterisk) with a web based GUI (FreePBX) on a dedicated server or a VPS.

A VPS for running Asterisk doesn't need many resources and can be had for only $10/month.

Here's just some of the things that you can do with Asterisk/FreePBX

  • Make free PC to PC phone calls using a SIP softphone such as x-lite
  • Make cheap long distance calls using an internet phone service provider such as CallCentric
  • Use multiple internet phone service providers to do least cost routing for your external calls
  • Buy local phone numbers all over the world and route those incoming calls to your mobile phone
  • Create 'Voice Prompt' menus (“Press 1 for sales, Press 2 for support …”)
  • Have your voicemail delivered to you via e-mail as a WAV file
  • Make cheap international calls from your cellphone by dialing in to you Asterisk box and then back out again
  • Create 'Ring Groups' so that your calls ring on your cell phone, office phone and home phone all at the same time
  • Music on Hold
  • Route your incoming calls based on the time of day
  • Create conference rooms for telephone conferences

And the list goes on!

Contact me for details at sysadminman.net - Matt