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    Warning known SPAMMER looking for hosts to spam through.

    I understand that this is my first post but I have been a reader of for over 8 months. I feel this situation calls for me to post and help out.

    We had a customer sign up and host 9 accounts with us. Not but a day later they started with the spam ( the usual spammer schedule). Usually I would just stop the account during the send blacklist, report them and forget they existed. However in this case we were contacted by many of thier past victims (hosting co. & spamees) saying that they have harvested their targets from a Childrens site.

    I will be happy to send a list of the domains they use as well as email address so that you may blacklist them.

    PM me and I will send the list to you.


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    How do you catch them in the act?

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    We tail the logs. When we see a load spam going out we kill it.

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    So who was it?

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    PM me and I will send you the list.

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