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    BitPath Networks: Free cPanel, DirectAdmin, or Plesk and 10% Off for Life

    BitPath Networks, LLC is a provider of professional VPS services dedicated to bringing you high quality services and excellent support.

    We are offering a 10% Discount off all of the prices you see below by using the coupon code WHT080501. Take advantage of these great deals while you still can!

    Here are the packages:

    Package: VZ-256 - $24.95 (Before 10% Discount)
    RAM: 256MB/384MB
    Disk: 10GB
    Transfer: 100GB

    Package: VZ-384 - $29.95 (Before 10% Discount)
    RAM: 384MB/512MB
    Disk: 15GB
    Transfer: 150GB

    Package: VZ-512 - $39.95 (Before 10% Discount)
    RAM: 512MB/768MB
    Disk: 20GB
    Transfer: 200GB
    IPs: 2

    Package: VZ-1024 - $64.95 (Before 10% Discount)
    RAM: 1024MB/1536MB
    Disk: 40GB
    Transfer: 400GB
    IPs: 2

    Control Panels:
    DirectAdmin - FREE
    cPanel w/ Fantastico - FREE
    Plesk 100 w/ Power Pack - FREE

    Extras: (Before 10% Discount)
    ClientExec - $10/Month
    WHMCS - $13/Month
    IPs (4) - $5/Month

    All of these packages are run on Dell 2950s with Dual Quad Core processors with Hardware RAID 10 and a 16GB of RAM utilizing the Virtuozzo 4.0 platform which guarantees your share of RAM, Disk I/O, and CPU power.

    Our servers are centrally located in the Colo4Dallas facility in Dallas, TX and use a blend of InterNap, Level3, and Time Warner controlled by an InterNap FCP.

    Test IP:
    Test File:

    Once again, if you have any questions feel free to PM me or to send an email to sales @

    BitPath Networks, LLC - Professional VPS Hosting Services
    cPanel, DirectAdmin, and Plesk VPSs on the Virtuozzo Platform

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