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    * .asia Domains and Host

    I performed a search and was unable to find a related topic to .asia domains and host that support the .asia domains

    .asia is said to be the next rival to .com

    Do any of you host support .asia domains?

    I am currently bidding on what will be a very lucrative .asia domain. I will need a quality shared server if I acquire this domain.

    So please all you host that support .asia list your selves on this thread.

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    Do you know any host who don't support .asia domains?
    AFAIK there are no special server requirements for .asia
    (like server must reside in Asia, must be running Windows etc.)
    Any host can create an account with an .asia domain.
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    I am on three popular host, They say they only support certain extensions. Like .com, .us, .net, .org

    So, what your saying is that they have the ability to run any extension they want? If that is the case why would they not allow certain domain extensions?

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    It is possible they're kept back by their billing system which does not have the extension in the system, or perhaps a control panel issue... though I doubt it.

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