Hi, Please give TweakedHosting.com a try.

We are a small website hosting company located in New Hampshire, US. We are looking to expand and offer our services to you. We have been providing web hosting services for over 7 years but have never publicly advertised in any way.

You can try us with our Super Tweaked Hosting 2000 plan. It is only $2.50 per month or if you pay yearly it is $25 ($2.08 m). There will be no restrictions other than what you see on our site for this plan. This a complete full featured website hosting plan. You get it all with nothing held back.

Plan details:
2 GB (2000 mb) data storage
100 GB (100000 mb) data transfer bandwidth
Please see site for all that is included.
Cpanel based hosting
Free Website Creator Builder
The most advanced Email Spam and virus protection with full control at your finger tips in Cpanel.

We are offing this plan for a limited time to allow you to give us a shot. We do have more traditional website hosting plans with far less storage and bandwidth at a higher cost. We are doing this as a promotion and as an alternative to our full managed hosting service which will be made separate on our site soon.

To see this website hosting plan directly please visit here: Super Tweaked Website Hosting 2000

Some basic thoughts regarding TweakedHosting:
Founded by Jason Harcus
Small company but 100% customer oriented; In business for over 7 years. I won't kid you, we need to find more loyal customers like the ones we have. Many of our customers have begged us to continue the service, so we are. It is time to grow and show that we work for our customers and want our customers to succeed as well. Please try us out. You don't need to move everything but you give us a try and see what we stand for and hopefully choose us in the future for more web site projects.

I have never offered phone support because the support ticket system is far more efficient, organized and less costly. However, I am in the process of seeing if we will offer phone sales/support and live chat help/sales. Currently, we usually talk with our customers via the support ticket system, sometimes email and very rarely on the phone. That may change in very near future. We've also never had a forum but I would appreciate feedback if you have any thoughts regarding this. Does it matter if a webhosting company has a forum? If enough people believe we should then I will more seriously consider having a forum at TweakedHosting.

Well thank you for reading all of this. I know this is not your typical ad but I was mainly looking to have an introduction and a little about us here too. Feel free to comment and offer suggestions. My favorite thing to do is listen to people. I love to hear your thoughts. Thank you.

Please visit our site at http://www.tweakedhosting.com to learn more about us.