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    Arrow Dediwebhost Review

    Hi All,

    I just thought I would post a review on

    We have been with them since December 2006, so a year and a half nearly and have been impressed with their service. DediWebhost is a budget, self-managed provider. However their service has been excellent. We are on a "special" they had advertised at the time, that is a P4 2.8ghz package.

    In the year we have had minimal downtime. For a provider at the price we are paying, we are satisfied with that. A couple of times we had slow downs due to their upstream providers, but these haven't lasted very long. So over all in that time I would at a guess count about 4 issues, and none server related. Out of those issues, most have lasted less then 30 minutes.

    Their response times are also good, when we have emailed we have had a response in generally 5 minutes to 30 minutes. Once again we are satisfied with that.

    The server is a shared 100mbit connection, and I am able to max out my home 24mbit connection at any time of the day.

    Like any provider, small inconsistencies occur, however 4 times in a year and a half on a $60 server we can't complain. For people looking at a budget self-managed server I rate them a 8/10.

    One thing that will entertain you is their email support, you email them and they seem to respond from all different email addresses, but your questions are always answered and followed up

    One area I would like to see improvement is a Billing System we can login to, an online ticket system and some online tools with current network status. Everything in the past year and a half has been handled via email, and handled very professionally and very fast!

    We are very satisfied with their service, uptime and performance.



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    We appreciate your review and we do hope you will continue to be a long time customer of ours.

    Thank you.
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