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    Hi, I am a student who has spent around US$ 40 through PayPal (with a verified International Credit Card) for hosting 5 sites (paid it two months ago). But since CW have been a scam, I requested for a refund a month ago, but I haven't received any response from them yet. So I decided to complain at PayPal to give a refund. But PayPal closed my refund case saying that there is a 30 day limit for refunding. I need to host the sites back with some other host (I found one), but I badly need the money back in my PayPal account to pay for the new host. Is it possible for me to get my money back in any way ? Any help will be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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    If you filed a complaint that service's where not given in full to paypal and they won't refund the money do a charge back. If you didn't use a CC to order your stuck I'm afraid.

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    But you may risk getting your PayPal account frozen or closed.
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    The following is posted at Macsamurai's site............
    Some former Cyberwings customers who were owed money from Paypal transactions are also starting to report successful refunds - not by Shawn or Cyberwings or Paypal... but by their own Credit Card companies. If you paid Shawn/Cyberwings via Paypal, and used a credit card to do so (not bank account or Paypal funds balance), you may initiate a chargeback within a reasonable amount of time - typically 90 days, although it varies by bank/credit card. The important thing is that you FIRST submit a buyer complaint to Paypal and wait for their ruling - even if the transaction is outside of their 30 day window. Paypal has been stating in their complaint responses that they have found Shawn/Cyberwings to be at fault, but that there are no funds in his/their account to offer you a full refund. As long as you have notified Paypal via their buyer complaint form that you did not receive what you paid for, they won't dispute the chargeback in most cases. Paypal will NOT put a mark against your account because you filed a chargeback. There is no retaliation for doing so, so don't be afraid to do what you need to do in order to get back what is rightfully yours, no matter how small the amount .
    Hope this is of assistance

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    Good luck. Many people are in the same situation that you are in.

    The folks who paid via PayPal with PayPal funds are the ones who are really out the money. They have no recourse.

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    You have lost the money. Beware for the next time. Paypal wont pay after the limit is expired.

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