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    will canadian IP adress affect search engine rankings?

    Basically I am considering a server from Iweb wich is based in Canada.

    My question is about search engines especially google. My site will be targeting US visitors and I am in the US. When google and other search engines see that my IP address is in Canada will it have any affect on search engine ranking for the regular us I don't care much about rankings on since my visitors will mainly be in the USA. anybody have any insite on this? I also want to mention my domain name will be a .com domain thanks

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    First i wanted to say that your choice to go with iweb is perfect :-) they are very good

    secondly ip has nothing to do with google rankings :-)

    im sure it wont affect your rankings
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    Google Webmaster Central now allows webmasters to associate a site with a country. If no country is specified Google does not rely only on on the IP to set the site country but also on the Top Level Domain (.ca, .us, etc.) and the addresses it finds in your site content. Using a .com or .us domain and associating your site with the USA in Google Webmaster Central should allow you to rank as a US site in Google while your server is hosted at iWeb.
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