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    Layout Request (Contest) - Simple Purple Color

    I am in need of a website layout page (w/purple color). It will be for an automotive site (car detailing, window tinting, etc).

    If you could possible incorporate that theme into the design, that would be great.

    My only request would be that there is room for me to incorporate my existing logo (it isnt a transparent image, so it will have to sit on a white background.) The image size is 300x100.

    Im not sure how much to expect to pay for something like this, but we can negotiate price

    You can PM me with your results, or post them right in this thread.

    Thanks everyone...
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    If you could possibly give out a budget range for the website layout project, that may bring in more templates.

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    Good Point...Well, since I am only looking for a basic layout (I will do most of the rest) I am not really sure what to expect to pay. What is the going rate for something like that on here??? I just want to make sure I am being competitive with the pricing.


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    Hi kshego,

    I just sent you a PM.

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    I can do the whole site for $150

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    Im really not looking for an entire site design. I am going to handle all the content...Im just having trouble coming up with a quality and innovative layout, and felt I would leave that up to you...The professionals

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    e-mailed you. just respond and I'll send the attachment.


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