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    237's private whois not reaching me

    Hello guys. I have a few domains hosted at and using private whois.

    I tried to send testing emails to [email protected] but none came to me. I didn't receive error report and neither the email.

    I contacted support and they told me it is my "ISP" fault. I use a Yahoo mail there, and it is working fine, and spam filter is disabled.

    I used their feature of emailing me my domains list and it worked, just the private whois is not working.

    What do you guys think? Should I change my contact email to gmail or my own domain? I asked a confirmation from them before doing the change, but I don't think it will work. Only if Yahoo is blocking their private whois domain/IP/system like Yahoo loves to do.

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    I've never tried that, but once i had my thing set to private whois at and it showed my details, so i disabled it and then reenabled it and it worked.

    Don't know what to tell you.

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    Ok this is getting odd.

    First of all, changed their whois email structure. Before it was some kind of [email protected], visibly to scare spammers. Now they use [email protected]. Former domains were not changed, so to make the change we must disable private whois and re-enable it. I have noticed it before because I created 2 domains recently.

    Neither old domains nor newer ones are redirecting emails. There is no delivery error report of any kind, sender just thinks it was sent but receiver receives nothing and never have any clue of that email existance. Worse email scenario possible.

    I changed email contact of 2 domains from yahoo to gmail, disabled private whois (actually I disabled before changing, because when you change contact info you can't disable private whois) and re-enabled it, using the opportunity to update private whois email.

    In the first place email was bouncing, then it stopped bouncing, but still not reaching gmail. Same thing as before. support takes almost a day to answer, and their answer never solves anything, they just keep saying it is my email "ISP" fault and I must whitelist emails. And everytime a different person answers the email, I doubt they take the time to dig the hole history.

    Now I wonder if Yahoo and Google (which has business with are forming an intrigue against's private whois.

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